2019 SAFETY WEEK: For Swinerton’s Aviation Team, “Safe by Choice” = Choosing to be Invisible

“We face hundreds of choices, but the most important is our choice to work safe—to protect ourselves, our families and the communities in which we live and work.” 

Construction Safety Week sent that message when announcing “Safe by Choice” as the theme for 2019’s Safety Week, which ends Friday, May 10. At Swinerton, all our aviation projects make critical choices to ensure a safe and unobstructed passenger experience.

We want passengers to focus on getting to their gate on time, not avoiding our work areas. Therefore, one of our most important safety choices while working in an active airport is to be invisible.

When Swinerton builds in operating airport environments – ranging from the world’s largest and busiest airports to small, regional locations – the company priorities passenger safety by striving to keep all work not just out of travelers’ paths but also out of sight and earshot.

In the company’s 40-year commitment to the aviation industry, Swinerton has differentiated itself from competitors by delivering project success safely and effectively while minimizing the impact to passengers and the ongoing operations of the airports where we work.

Swinerton works closely with our aviation partners to maintain high-quality and safe passenger experience while prioritizing uninterrupted airport operations. To achieve this, Swinerton executes meticulous schedules while coordinating with multiple stakeholders, including airport management, operations, and maintenance; law enforcement, security and emergency services; and airport tenants, including commuter and cargo airlines, utility and retail companies, and other stakeholders.

Above all, Swinerton’s approach to construction at operating airports keeps the best interest of passengers in mind. As Airports Council International (ACI) explains, “Airports exist to provide for the safe, secure, and efficient movement of people and goods. Airports want the same thing their passengers want: a hassle-free travel experience with excellent price and service competition.”

The above and below photos show construction at Denver International Airport while Swinerton was building the DEN On-Call project.

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