Mentoring Builds Positive Culture & Project Success in Swinerton’s Southeast Division

Thanks to Derek Mosiman’s mentoring, Swinerton’s training remains strong. And Mick Conlan’s mentoring creates effective teamwork.

These are just a couple of examples of mentoring success in Swinerton’s Southeast division. With January marking National Mentoring Month, we’ll wind down the month by highlighting two individuals that positively impact our team through mentoring.


Mosiman is grateful for the Swinerton mentors that showed him the ropes – and now he passes what he learned on to others.

“Out on projects, we’re all about showing the new people how to do things the right way, and people are always eager to discover how Swinerton does everything,” Mosiman says. “It’s rewarding to learn something yourself, pass it on to others, then watch them grow and succeed to where they’re ready to take your spot.”

(Mosiman is pictured in the above team photo, second from the end on the right.)


Conlan has spent nearly 50 years in construction, with almost 15 of those years in Charlotte. Throughout his career, he’s learned that a cohesive team is paramount to project success. He strives to teach this critical lesson to those new to Swinerton.

“A project team has to really click in order for the project to run well. If just one person isn’t fitting in with the team, you can have problems. I work hard to show everyone the importance of treating every single person on a team with respect. When you start with respect, that helps build a solid team,” he says.

Conlan knows from experience that mentoring can breed many benefits, including employee longevity and celebrated project results. He says it all begins with a welcoming culture.

“By sharing experiences, especially failures, you level the playing field. Those with less experience realize that everyone has to start somewhere. By creating an atmosphere where learning is encouraged and asking questions is OK, we can generate a culture that allows us to continue growing as a company,” he says.