Swinerton Teams Up With Sunshine On A Ranney Day To Help 7-Year-Old Boy

When Jonah was a baby, his parents received life-altering news: He had four heart defects and was lucky to be alive. Now 7 years old, Jonah’s daily challenges will soon ease, thanks in large part to Swinerton’s involvement with Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD).

This is because Swinerton is partnering with SOARD on a dream therapy room makeover in Jonah’s home. SOARD, a nonprofit and general contractor in Roswell, Georgia, aims to renovate homes for children with special needs – and restore hope for families in the process.

Leading Jonah’s Project

Swinerton’s charitable contributions have been critical to the project. With Swinerton sponsoring and leading the project, members of Swinerton’s Southeast team, mostly employees based in Atlanta, have given hundreds of hours of their time to the project. Swinerton’s efforts span SOARD architect collaboration, schedule & inspection coordination, craft labor services and transport of donated materials to the project site.

All the work is transforming the back room of Jonah’s house from a typical family room to a true therapy room, where every aspect revolves around what’s best for Jonah.

Click through the Image Gallery below to view the project progress.

Swinerton team members that have generously given their time to the project are pictured in the above photos. They are (left to right): Will Cherry, Allen Cabarubio and Alfredo Ayala.

‘A Very Rewarding Project’

Jonah is considered nonverbal, although he is gaining momentum daily in speech. He has a device to communicate, however, most often he chooses to use words and sign language to make his needs known. He was tube-fed for years, but after participating in an intensive therapeutic feeding program, he can now eat any food he wants and drink from cups. He has endured a long string of surgeries and treatments and has been diagnosed with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS), pulmonary stenosis, subaortic stenosis, bicuspid aortic valve and an atrioventricular septal defect.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy loves watching the Atlanta Braves play baseball, dancing to songs at vacation Bible school and reading books. He can often be found playing hide-and-go-seek, making crafts or being silly with his sister.

As the Swinerton volunteers know, Jonah loves superheroes – he shared his Batman birthday cake with the team members that were working at his house on his big day.

“This project has been very rewarding for our team. With all the time we’ve spent at Jonah’s house, we really see and understand how our work will transform this family’s daily life. I can’t wait for the day when we can reveal the final result to Jonah and his family,” says Will Cherry, Swinerton Project Manager.

Learn more about Jonah’s story on SOARD’s website here.

Swinerton Southeast Continues To Give

In addition to sponsoring SOARD’s project for Jonah, Swinerton recently presented SOARD with a $10,000 check from the Swinerton Foundation. These Swinerton efforts are part of a larger initiative called Swinerton Cares, which is a companywide workplace giving and employee engagement program sponsored by the Swinerton Foundation. Last year, the Southeast team logged more than 400 volunteer hours. This year, the Southeast division’s efforts outside of SOARD include delivering a $10,000 check to the Charlotte Rescue Mission; the gift was possible because the Southeast team won a companywide Swinerton volunteer competition. Plus, the Swinerton team is gearing up for another SOARD project that will begin late this year.

The Swinerton team is looking forward to capping off Jonah’s project with a big reveal later this spring. Stay tuned for details on the final result!