Connally Park gets a boost from the Swinerton Atlanta team

The Swinerton Foundation’s Park Service Program partners with local, state, and national parks, and non-profit organizations, to preserve and protect land and natural resources. Through the program, Swinerton volunteers support restoration and clean-up initiatives to ensure parks remain a place all community members can enjoy.

Connally Nature Park is a 35-acre greenspace located in East Point that is home to white oaks and rare native orchids called Pink Lady Slippers. To ensure that the distinctive species thrive at Connally Park, Trees Atlanta enlists the help of volunteers to remove invasive plants and promote a healthy plant community.

After a brief lesson on how to identify the invasive species like Chinese privet and English ivy, Swinerton volunteers got to work removing vines and cutting large sections of privet that were taking over the area. Preserving the white oaks is not only essential to keeping the landscape beautiful, it helps offset carbon emissions–one tree can offset 4.3 tons of carbon.