Swinerton lends a helping hand to Sunshine on a Ranney Day

Sunshine on a Ranney Day is a leading nonprofit organization that creates unique room and home makeovers for children with long-term illness. Founded in 2012 by Holly and Peter Ranney, Sunshine on a Ranney Day has aggressively helped change the lives of children by giving them wheelchair accessible bathrooms, wheelchair ramps, professionally designed dream bedrooms, custom storage for medical equipment, and much more—allowing them to have a special place where they can play and feel comfortable in their own homes. With a philosophy of “Go BIG or Go Home,” with the help of their partnerships, generous donations, and volunteers, Sunshine on a Ranney Day will continue to help change the lives of children around the world.

Project – Ollie’s House
Ollie was born with two rare genetic conditions—one of two children in the world with this extremely rare combination—Ollie’s changing needs require him to have a therapy room; as therapy is critical to enhancing his development and physical growth.

Cambridge Swinerton Builders recently worked on demolition day to prepare Ollie’s house for its transformation to accommodate his changing needs. Once complete, the project will include remodeling of the floor and bathroom to become wheelchair accessible, a room make-over, and transforming the family dining room into a therapy suite so he can get all of the interventions he needs at home.

Thank you to all our team members who joined us in helping make Ollie’s home a more comfortable and special place for him to grow up in.