Swinerton employee fall protection demo construction safety week

Construction Safety Week: Safe + Sound

At Swinerton, every week is safety week, but we are excited to have the opportunity to reinforce our commitment to building a stronger and safer industry and stress the importance of promoting safe and sound jobsites during this year’s Construction Safety Week, which kicks off on May 2. The theme for 2022, Safe + Sound, stresses the importance of creating both physically and mentally safe work environments. This extends beyond personal protective equipment (PPE) and safe work practices, as this year’s campaign also focuses on the mental well-being of our workplace.  Our motto, Make Safety A Habit – Your Family Needs You (YFNY), has never been more important.

This week, we will be educating, celebrating, and enforcing our commitment to safety with job walks, safety standdowns, fall protection and eye injury training opportunities, lunches, themed roadshows, and the promotion of the recently launched Safety Emphasis Program in the SoCal + Hawaii region. We encourage everyone to participate in the safety events being held at your office or job site. Let us all be united in safety.

Your Family Needs You (YFNY)

These simple yet impactful words clearly explain Swinerton’s approach to our projects and our dedication to our employees, business partners, and anyone who steps foot on a Swinerton project. YFNY has been our motto for decades and is the core of Swinerton’s award-winning, industry-leading safety program, and strong safety culture. However, we have much work to do to raise the bar and take our program and culture of safety to the next level.

Remember that safety and quality results are directly impacted by other variables in the equation. Some of the most critical variables are strong leadership, morale on the jobsite, and communication between our teams and our partners. When we have the right variables, the safety and quality results are positive!

As always, stay healthy and safe, and remember – Your Family Needs You!

Greg Tate

VP, Corporate Safety Director