Investing in our Craft: Why Swinerton is committing to our Craft Employees

Over the last year, we've been so excited to roll out new resources dedicated to our craft employees and self-perform operations through the creation of the Craft Services department. It's one of our biggest initiatives, and it's so exciting to dedicate more resources than ever to improving the lives and careers of our craft employees.

So what is Craft Services? Why does this initative exist? What's our goal for investing heavily in our craft employees?

Our vision is simple: to provide the best development opportunities and employee experience for craft employees in the industry. Swinerton will be THE place for craft to start, grow, and enjoy their careers. The mission is to: 1) Provide a team of advocates for craft, 2) Establish top-notch craft training and development programs, and 3) Implement the most effective craft support processes.

Craft Services will partner with our operations teams to shore up and supplement our ability to focus on and invest in our craft employees as we grow.

Why invest in Craft Services?

Necessity. Over the last seven years, US construction spending and the demand for labor has been steadily rising. At the same time, construction unemployment and the supply of skilled labor is decreasing. The result is a substantial skilled labor shortage, creating fierce competition for good craft workers. With Swinerton’s growing self-perform operations, it is imperative that we have dedicated resources in place to hire, support, develop, and retain our strong craft employees.

Opportunity. There are four key drivers of Employee Lifetime Value to an organization: 1) Recruiting / Hiring, 2) Onboarding, 3) Retention, and 4) Development. Our ability to quickly recruit and hire will minimize the financial impacts of turnover while the quality and speed of onboarding will determine how quickly our craft workers can begin contributing value. Retention determines how long talented workers can contribute value, and the amount we train and develop craft determines how much additional value an employee can contribute over time. The goal is to maximize total Employee Lifetime Value for every craft employee. At a recent all-hands meeting, we asked this question: How do we go from being a GOOD to a GREAT company? Focusing on these drivers will help us do just that.

Purpose. While necessity and opportunity are good reasons to implement Craft Services, we should do it because it because our craft employees deserve it! They work through tough conditions, drive long distances, and put in long hours doing physically demanding work and still fight harder for something more because they believe that Swinerton is a place where they can grow their careers. That will be a promise that will set Swinerton apart – the idea that as a craft employee at Swinerton, anything is possible. That we will do all we can to ensure our craft have the same career opportunities as the rest of us, that we take responsibility for developing our workforce, and that we provide the best chance for our craft to reach their goals and enjoy their employee experience.

With this investment, Swinerton can improve careers, lives, and the financial performance of the company!

Our Employees' Role in Craft Services

Investing in our people is our top priority, and all of us will be better off when we have the best-trained and most engaged workforce in the industry. Our goal is to identify employees with drive and potential – no matter where they might come from – and do everything we can to positively impact their career and help them reach their goals. Craft Services is our opportunity to invest in a greater purpose—helping others develop and watching their success will be the most rewarding part of our careers.

As Jack Welch said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is about growing others.”

Lauren Nunnally

Vice President & General Manager, Craft Services

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