As Health Systems Grow And Merge, National Builders Hold Sway

The biggest trend in healthcare is just that — bigger.  The last three years have been marked by massive mergers and acquisitions among the nation’s leading health systems. Large providers have gotten larger, expanding their borders to new states and cities. The cost-cutting mantra of “do more with less” is being replaced by a new imperative: “Do more with more.”

As they begin operating in new markets, health systems are looking for a dose of consistency. Some consistency can come from working with a national builder, ensuring the construction operations for each new facility, expansion or renovation are no more complex than they would be at facilities the system has owned for decades.

“These systems all have certain expectations and their own way of contracting work,” said Chris Morris, national director of healthcare at Swinerton, one of the nation’s largest contractors. “As they grow and expand, we can grow with them. Our clients appreciate that they can bring the long-standing relationships we’ve built into growing markets.”

The growth of outpatient care, high-tech treatments and smaller, more intensively used medical office buildings mean that national health systems have to train construction teams in each new market. But by using a national builder that can follow them to each of their markets, these health systems can unify operations across their facilities and save time and money.

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