“Blu” Prints Ready at Radisson Hotel and Parking Structure

In May 2017, Swinerton OCLA was awarded a preconstruction agreement for the Radisson Blu Hotel project near Disneyland. In March 2018, they were awarded the MEPF design-build scope, which led to a GMP construction award in August 2018. The hotel is set at a cost of $102 million, along with a separate design-build lump sum $10.5-million award for the construction of an adjacent parking structure with 353 stalls of above-grade podium parking.

Totaling 355,887 square feet, the 12-story upscale hotel features 326 guest rooms, hotel offices, restaurant and bar, retail space, and pools at roof and ground level. The hotel will be the first Radisson Blu in California and the fourth Radisson Blu in the United States.

The team’s hospitality expertise and collaborative preconstruction approach showcased their unique capabilities in designing and building to a targeted budget. This Swinerton project features all self-perform trades and a design-build parking structure, including the first OCLA project where Drywall will be installing doors and hardware. The “ONE Team” approach and ability to add value in self-performing critical path work and was a key differentiator in winning the project and reaching the desired budget

Before the start of the project, the project team bought out 75% of the trades and is on track to buy out the rest of the trades by the end of January 2019.

The project officially broke ground on November 5. Since then, surveyors and graders have already started working to clear brush and to prep the site. Geopiers will arrive in the within the next couple of days to begin the soil improvement process. Foundations are expected to start on December 10, 2018. Structural completion is set for September 13, 2019 and the substantial completion date is set at May 18, 2020. The team is excited for the work ahead and proud of the work they have put into place so far.