Swinerton Announces New Swinerton Mass Timber Business Group

Swinerton is proud to announce that it has officially launched Swinerton Mass Timber, a new business unit dedicated to building projects using mass timber technology.

The Swinerton Mass Timber team will pursue new projects that are being developed with mass timber, and the team will evaluate other project opportunities to determine mass timber solutions. Swinerton Mass Timber experts will shape the paths for delivering financially-viable mass timber structures, working with project teams and key partners across the nation to develop, design and deliver mass timber buildings.

“Swinerton Mass Timber represents our commitment to shaping the future of building. Utilizing this technology, we know mass timber will help us build more quickly, more safely, and deliver the most cost-efficient structures in markets nationwide,” said CEO Jeff Hoopes. “If you look at our company’s rich history, Swinerton was one of the first builders to pioneer steel-reinforced concrete building, and I’m extremely proud that we are on the forefront of mass timber building as well.”

Swinerton Mass Timber is led by a team that includes Chris Evans, Erica Spiritos, William Siva, Zach Brehm, and Graham Montgomery. Swinerton Mass Timber is located in Portland, Oregon, with a second office in Greenville, South Carolina.

“Our goal is not only to deliver mass timber projects across every market in the US, but to also support both the development and design communities in learning more about cost-effective applications of mass timber in the built environment,” said Evans. “In order to bring more projects to life, we are dedicated to helping our trusted partners understand how to best utilize this game-changing technology. We have built some exciting cornerstone projects, but we believe that we can make real change through education and partnership.”

Local Swinerton teams had incredible success delivering mass timber projects for First Tech Federal Credit Union in Hillsboro, Oregon, and the recently completed Viega US Headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado. Currently, the Swinerton Mass Timber team has multiple projects in development including: the Washington County Event Center in Hillsboro, Oregon; the Beaverton Public Safety Center in Beaverton, Oregon; the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact in Eugene, Oregon; Pier 70 in San Francisco, California; Rena Ware Headquarters in Kirkland, Washington; and three structures at Kresge College at University of California – Santa Cruz.

As part of the new brand identity, Swinerton Mass Timber also unveiled a new website dedicated to their work, swinertonmasstimber.com, which showcases in depth the dynamic project experience and exciting future for Swinerton Mass Timber.