Swinerton Completes New Headquarters on Short Three-Month Schedule

Swinerton Builders Portland recently completed a 55,000-square-foot tenant improvement remodel to relocate Yakima Product’s headquarters—an industry-leading provider of innovative car racks.

Located on 13 acres of wide-open land, their new campus-like headquarters provides the company with plenty of room for growth. The project hit the pavement at an accelerated speed, propelling the design from conceptual vision to construction document in just four weeks—with build-out and tenant move-in completed in only three short months!

The new headquarters features more than 120 new cubical spaces, 35 new offices, multiple coffee bars, new showers and restrooms, conference rooms, and a common kitchen café area. With Yakima’s love for the outdoors, the space has a rugged and industrial atmosphere—showcased by metal wall panels, feature wood walls, red plaid carpet, and custom floor graphics that mirror the bike lanes of downtown Portland streets. Despite the short project schedule, the team completed the project on time and delivered an innovative new space to a very satisfied client.  

A big thanks to the entire team for their hard work on this project: Bobby Van Hollebeke, Miki Hipp, Tim Robinson, Dean Martuscelli, Eugene Matveev, Lena Hebding, and Lourdes Capriotti.