Adventist Health Campus in Roseville Moves Closer to Opening Day

Swinerton is closing in on the opening of the new Adventist Health business campus in Roseville, a 275,000 square-foot, class A office building, designed by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting out of Charlotte, NC. This $108 million project sits on 26 acres and will house more than 1000 associates consolidated from Adventist Health’s six current locations in Roseville into a single campus at One Adventist Health Way.

The project is expected to be complete in March, with associates moving to the facility in April, bringing a significant boost to the people of Roseville and greater efficiency for the company. With Adventist Health’s associates spread throughout the Roseville area, Swinerton set out to build a modern and efficient business campus for Adventist Health, which operates more than 20 hospitals and over 250 clinics throughout California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii.

The new custom, high-end office space offers first-class amenities, including an on-site medical office for associates and their families. With doctors, nurses and an on-site pharmacy, convenient care will be easily accessible, allowing associates to prioritize their health while at work.

The campus also includes a large modern kitchen with serving and dining areas, dedicated spaces for grab-and-go meals, a coffee bar, and a teaching kitchen that will offer fun, informative, and healthy cooking classes for associates. The kitchen also boasts commercial-grade equipment that can support catering functions throughout the campus.

The design includes a one-mile walking and biking trail that connects to the Miners Ravine trail in Roseville. The fully-developed site has required lots of landscaping work and tree planting. “The landscape is very cool, filled with gardens, water features, and outdoor dining areas,” said Swinerton Project Executive Tim Spence “All in all, the outdoor space is thoughtfully curated with walking paths, outdoor speakers, and park benches equipped with USB charging stations.”

The campus will also receive a WELL-certification through the WELL Building Standard program, which sets health standards based on the air, water, light, fitness, and comfort for the workforce. The program is certified by Green Business Certification Inc., the same group that administers Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications.

“This is a model project for other companies that are building a headquarters campus in our region,” Spence said. “The focus of the WELL certification is on the long-term operating environment for associates to be healthy, down to the color tone of lamps and how they affect our circadian rhythms. When we started this project; a new WELL-certified facility of this magnitude certainly wasn’t being built in Sacramento or Roseville (there were only three in the entire world then), and there are very few of these projects in the Bay Area even today, which is home to many of the region’s biggest healthcare providers.”

Both Adventist Health and Swinerton have also focused their efforts on making a positive impact in the community. With deep local roots, the partnership has been valuable and impactful on many levels. After the devastation of the Camp Fire in late 2018, Swinerton contributed $15,000 to Adventist Health’s relief fund, which directly helped those affected by the fires, including many who lost their homes.

The project has also provided the community with the opportunity for work with a peak of over 200 trade workers on the job site every day. Local labor, suppliers, and subcontractors are integral to the project’s success, with 100 percent of the more than 50 subcontractors on this job being from the region.

All in all, the fair, open, and integrated approach between the builder, architect, and the owner is bringing this project to a successful conclusion.

“We have always had good dialogue, and everyone on this collaborative team has always operated with fairness and productivity in mind,” Spence said. “This is such a big and impactful project, and I’m thrilled that everybody in this partnership has been able to accomplish their goals along the way.” As the project ends, the strong team and a collaborative work environment sets up a beautiful finish for the city of Roseville and the region at large.

“From our extensive research and interviews with many contractors, and even more subcontractors, Adventist Health determined that Swinerton was the builder of choice for our unique campus,” said Al Deininger, Project Executive and Owners Representative for Adventist Health. “Three years later we know we made the best choice by choosing Swinerton and their subcontractors.”