Swinerton, Buena Vista Rancheria on the Fast Track to Success

After just ten months of work, the Buena Vista Rancheria project, soon to become Harrah’s Northern California, is quickly coming to life and making a major community impact.

Located 32 miles east of Sacramento on the tribe’s reservation in Amador County, Harrah’s Northern California Casino will be 70,000 square feet with 950 machines, card games, and a restaurant and steakhouse.

After a short soft opening period, the Casino will open to the public in May.

This job has a special meaning to the tribe and to the local community, as it has been in the making for 14 years. The Buena Vue tribe has had a 17-acre reservation since mid-90s, and the development for this casino has stopped and started a number of times since the project’s inception.

After years of hard work, the tribe’s resolve and dedication was rewarded last year, when the project finally earned the green light. Swinerton, who held a long-standing relationship with the tribe, is thrilled to be executing the work after their years of dedication to their vision. The partnership has been mutually beneficial, and Swinerton is thrilled to be a part of the tribe’s prosperity and posterity.

“It’s been quite a ride. We started on March 16 last year and kicked into high gear immediately,” said Swinerton Project Executive Ciaran Creighton. “A large part of initial project was moving the side of a hill—we had to move 200,000 cubic yards of dirt to get underway.”

“During the summer, the project site would get up to 105-degree heat, which was a challenge to navigate when we were expediting underground work, concrete pours, and expedited steel erection. That meant we often had to extend the working day, working 50-60 hours a week and a lot of night work,” he continued. Creighton said that the project was still working long hours to bring the project to a speedy conclusion.

“We’ll continue working at an accelerated pace into March, after which we’ll be on a more regular schedule to finish the precise detailing and finishes.”

In the long term, Harrah’s will employ around 430 people across all shifts seven days a week. That kind of impact has brought great attention from the local community, with over 1100 applicants already for positions. The project has also had a major positive impact on the local surrounding area already, as the team has improved significant amounts of the country infrastructure, including remodeling some surface roads and rebuilding a several miles of road from scratch.

In addition, the tribal property’s mitigation funds have gone directly in the local community to help support new and existing emergency services.

The team was also thrilled to donate 30 car seats to local families through Lilliput Families, an organization that directly supports children in foster care and their foster families.

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