Swinerton OCLA’s Stephanie Jakus Wins ACE Mentor of the Year Award

Project Manager Stephanie Jakus was honored as the ACE Construction Mentor of the Year Award for the OCLA ACE Mentor Chapter in 2018. The ACE Mentor Program of America inspires high school students to pursue careers in Architecture, Construction, and Engineering.

Stephanie joined the Downtown L.A. ACE Team in 2012 as a Mentor and stepped up to Construction Team Leader in 2014. In addition to her role as a Team Leader, she helps organize ACE Mentor recruiting events in Downtown L.A. and at their annual All-Schools Day.

“Being a mentor is a privilege. We are given the opportunity to share our passion with youth who will create advances in technology and building techniques that will bring beauty, efficiency, and safety to the places we live and work,” Stephanie said.

“Over the course of the school year, I build meaningful relationships with the students, mentors and faculty,” she continued. “It brings me great joy to watch as the students’ confidence in their ability to understand and present their work grows exponentially over the course of the school year. It is these things and so many more that bring me back year after year.”

Stephanie’s passion for construction started at an early age. During high school, she traveled with a church group to Tijuana to work for Amor Ministries building new two-room homes for families in need. She was a quick study and learned how to read blueprints and develop a plan. By her senior year, she was running one of the jobsites and making key decisions. The joy of construction and a lifelong interest in numbers led her to earn a degree in Construction Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She began her career at Swinerton in 2010 and loves passing her knowledge on to the next generation of builders.

She credits her success as a mentor to the continuous support of Swinerton management, coworkers, fellow mentors, and partners from Steinberg-Hart and Degenkolb Engineers.