Swinerton Shareholders Awards

The community involvement award was given primarily due to our continued presence at Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center and even further specifically recognized our most recent building day there where we invited one of our clients, Salesforce to join us! Salesforce already had many employees volunteering at Little Bit but were interested in learning more about construction and helping in that way. Our teams spent the day completing projects Little Bit needed finished all while teaching some of the Salesforce group more about construction best practices. It was a rewarding day for all involved!

Out of over 500 shareholders, the client services award was narrowed down to one person and that just so happened to be our very own Operations Manager, Greg Evans. Greg was selected for this award due to his excellence in not only client services but also fostering relationships that result in repeat customers. Since being at Swinerton he has managed to bring in and maintain relationships with 17 of the Washington-based tribes extending across the entire state which has positioned our division as one of the experts in Native American building.

As a division we could not be more proud of the success we have all contributed to and were so excited to be recognized for our continued efforts!