To celebrate Women in Construction, we feature NorCal’s Self-Perform Admin Team:

Project Field Administrator Amparo Arrizon 9 years in the industry. “In administration, we are fortunate to have fellow women in the team. But now that I am pursuing my transition to a field management path, the few women that I do see inspire me to be the best I can be.”

Project Field Administrator Mia Brown 2 years in the industry. To women considering this field, she advises, “There is no limit to what you can achieve as a woman. I enjoy learning about this industry; this field is not where I thought I would end up. After graduating from the Cypress Mandela program, Swinerton came and told us about the Tony Williamson Scholarship award. I was a recipient of the scholarship and was hired at Swinerton.”

Project Field Administrator Michelle Madura 21 years in the industry. “I’ve always been fascinated with new construction, building from the ground up, working with all different trades to get one job completed. She came into the industry “By accident, best accident to ever happen to me. While still largely male dominated, it’s inspiring to see more women in a Superintendent or Project Manager role.”

Project Field Administrator Loren Rugebregt joined Swinerton in 2021. “The people and team (draw me in). Also, the various avenues and opportunities that aren’t just in the field. Loren believes that having more woman in the industry brings something special “there is a great deal of organization, empathy, and attention to detail, catching small mistakes when there is great diversity on a project.”

Administrative Manager Samantha Bockie joined Swinerton in 2021. What she likes best about working in construction is “it’s rewarding to see something physical and tangible that I can say, my company built that.” When asked about what advice she would give other females she said, “There are so many career options to choose from within the construction industry and if you find yourself wanting a new trajectory, the door is open to make that change.”