UC Santa Cruz Coastal Biology Building receives LEED Gold Certification

The new UC Santa Cruz Coastal Biology building has been awarded LEED Gold certification just six months after opening its doors for use.

Swinerton finished construction on the new building on UCSC’s Coastal Science Campus in late 2017. The new building will support research and teaching on coastal conservation, ecology, habitat restoration, climate change impacts, and policy.

In addition, the construction project will also includes a number of major infrastructure upgrades, including a new entrance, relocation of the entrance road, paths for walking and biking, overlooks with interpretive panels, improvements to underground utilities, and a small public access parking lot.

One unique feature of the building is the tide wall, which depicts daily tides in Santa Cruz during the “King Tides” of December 2015 and January 2016. Each vertical cedar board “fin” represents a single day, and each bevel represents the height of a high or low tide; the two high tides are at the top and the two low tides are at the bottom. Tracking across the wall, you can see how the high and low tides vary as the sun and moon change positions and pull the oceans around.

Photo credit – Michael David Rose Photography.