Could your home be making you sick? With William Hayward of the Hayward Score

The Modern Built Environment sat down with Bill Hayward of the Hayward Score.  Bill is the founder and CEO of Hayward Score as well as the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of Hayward Lumber, a 100-year-old California lumber and building material supplier. Since 2008, when he, his wife, and their newborn daughter became sick in their “dream home,” Bill has been focused on combining building science and medical science into a compelling strategy to transform home construction so that homes will no longer degrade human health.

Of the 23,000 breaths you take each day – about 90% of them are indoors. Breathing poor quality air has consequences. At Hayward Score both substantial scientific research and personal journeys have led to knowledge that homes can (and should) be health supporting, not health degrading.

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