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Building Client Relationships Through Difficult Times With Art Gensler

Art Gensler founded Gensler in 1965 in San Francisco. Art successfully grew his three-person design studio into the World’s largest architecture firm. He is a Fellow of both the American Institute of Architects and the International Interior Design Association, and a professional member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. Art is also the author of “Art’s Principles” a book that focuses on the tough business lessons he has learned from over 50 years in the architecture profession.  In this episode, learn how Gensler is navigation the COVID-19 pandemic and what Art Gensler sees for the future.

One day we were 50 offices and the next we told everybody that they couldn’t come to the office and we were 6,500 home offices.  My guess is that most poeple won’t move back to the office.  When we open back up we will only be able to accomodate 2/3 of our people.

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