Why We Need Minority Architects To Help Solve The Most Challenging Problems in the Modern Built Environment

And there are a lot of programs these days that allow students in middle school and high school to just get a taste of what architecture is about. And it’s particularly important in the minority communities. Because if you look at the statistics, there are only about 2% of the architects in the country are African-American women or are making strides. And I don’t know, it’s somewhere like 18 to 20% for women, but only 2% for African-Americans. So we have a long way to go in understanding the demographics and the interrelationship with the architects do in communities and community building.  It really stresses the point that we need minority architects to help solve the most challenging problems that
we’ve been tackling for centuries now. So we know those communities we understand and are able to, to listen to the citizens in those communities. And I think that there’s a great opportunity to exercise those
talents throughout the country.


William (Bill) Bates has a long history of international development experience in corporate real estate and construction and is currently employed as the Vice President of Real Estate for Eat’nPark Hospitality Group, Inc. He is an adjunct faculty member in Carnegie Mellon University’s school of architecture and former international president of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)