Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs

In order to review the correct documents for your bid you will need to
know two things:

1. Which program is the project insured by — PLP or PSI? The main distinction between the two
is that PLP is for commercial work less than $15M in total contract value to Swinerton and
PSI is for commercial work more than $15M in total contract value to Swinerton.
2. How have you been instructed to bid – with or without insurance costs?  If there are no
instructions from Swinerton then assume you are to bid with insurance costs included in
your price.  Typically if you are to bid without insurance costs then you will be
instructed to do so.

For either program you should review the appropriate PSI or PLP Manual and the PSI or PLP Attachment A. If you are bidding a condominium project, please contact Swinerton’s estimator.  The documents are similar to PSI but there may be alternative language or requirements.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** On jobs awarded to Swinerton after August 1st, subcontractors will have .6% of their subcontract amount deducted for PLP (General Liability) insurance  on jobs valued to Swinerton between $100,000 and $1,000,000.  Please note this is a new flat rate insurance credit on all subcontracts on our jobs between $100K – $1M after August 1, 2014.