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Getting Started

The process of getting started as a collaborator in CMiC will be kicked off by your Swinerton Project Manager.

  1. First your Swinerton Project Manager will request Collaborator access on your behalf.
  2. You will then receive an email from Swinerton Information Technology notifying you that CMiC access has been granted and the URL for the CMiC environment.
  3. Your user ID and password will be provided in a separate email.
  4. Once you have received these two emails, you can log into the system to verify your access.
  5. Review the How-To’s based on your role on the project.  If you need additional assistance, reach out to your Swinerton contact.
  6. Begin using CMiC on your project!


Each Swinerton project team will designate someone on their team to be a support representative for their collaborators.  This representative will be a liaison between the collaboration users and Swinerton Business Technology, Swinerton CMiC Training resources and the CMiC Support group. Please contact your Swinerton team support representative with any CMiC questions or concerns. If you do not know who your Swinerton support representative is, please contact your Swinerton Project Manager.

If you are having troubles with your username or password, please contact your Swinerton Project Manager.

How To’s

CMiC How To’s instructional documents and videos are being re-created to reflect the most recent upgrade.  Please reach out to your Swinerton project team for assistance. 

MFA Login Instructions 

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Minimum Requirements to Run CMiC:

  • Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox
  • Add as a “Trusted Site” in your preferred browsers.
  • An active email address