Industry-leading Swinerton is One of the First Construction Companies with Trained In-House Operators for Dusty Robotics

Swinerton is one of the first contractors to have in-house operators for Dusty Robotics, a cutting-edge layout automation robot that transfers CAD files to construction sites

General contractor Swinerton is officially the first construction company with fully-trained in-house operators for Dusty Robotics, developer of robot-powered tools for the modern construction workforce.

Swinerton was an early adopter of Dusty Robotics’ FieldPrinter. Swinerton’s innovation and self-perform drywall departments partnered with Dusty Robotics during their prototyping phase of development, providing access to projects for testing and valuable functionality feedback. Through our R&D partnership with Dusty Robotics, Swinerton has successfully used FieldPrinter on building projects in San Francisco, San Jose, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, CA; Austin, TX; and Leesburg, VA.

“Now with two in-house trained operators, Swinerton is working on deploying FieldPrinter companywide, already seeing great strides in productivity. We look forward to every iteration of this robot and the positive impact it will have on our industry,” said Bardo Ponce, Swinerton Drywall Operations Manager.

“Swinerton is proudly leading the way in integrating a more advanced robotic tool into our field environment, and not as an added service, but rather as a tool our trades and admin employees can utilize to augment their work. We are providing our employees with the most advanced state-of-the-art tools possible, and empowering them with the knowledge to use them,” added Tristen Magallanes, Swinerton Innovation Analyst.

“Having Dusty Robotics operations skills in-house means that Swinerton is always equipped to provide better service to our projects and clients by having our own operators available to our project teams.  We’ve seen benefits such as schedule acceleration, and foremen saving time and improving quality by taking BIM models and turning them into accurate and constructible layout,” said Jim Watson, Swinerton Vice President and Division Manager of Self-Perform Services.

“Dusty is excited to work with Swinerton to enable their workforce to take advantage of robotic layout on projects across the US. Through this partnership, we’ve shown that robotic layout is something that will benefit the entire industry—and that it’s a tool that can be adopted by contractors today. We are now growing our training program, with several dozens of operators having already been trained to successfully use the FieldPrinter robotic layout system, and ramping up production. I want to see a FieldPrinter on every large construction site by the end of 2022,” said Dusty Robotics Founder & CEO Tessa Lau, PhD.