Swinerton’s Chief Executive Officer Eric Foster announces retirement, and the Board of Directors elects David Callis as successor.

Swinerton Incorporated (Swinerton) announces Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eric Foster’s retirement on January 11, 2024. The Swinerton Incorporated Board of Directors has elected current Swinerton President David Callis as the next CEO of both Swinerton and its subsidiaries, including Swinerton Builders. Foster and Callis have worked to ensure a seamless transition since the shift was announced internally to employee-owners in June 2023.

Foster joined Swinerton Builders as a Project Engineer in 1982 after earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been integral to the company’s continued growth and success. His talent and dedication propelled him through various roles, leaving an indelible mark on projects across the United States.

Foster’s tenure witnessed the expansion of several new brands into the Swinerton Family of Companies, with Timberlab, SAK Builders, and MDBuilders all becoming a part of the service offerings. Facility Solutions, the full-service building maintenance provider, and Perq, pre-designed and pre-engineered parking solutions, were established within Swinerton Builders. Furthermore, Swinerton Energy, a separate entity specializing in Engineering, Procurement, and Construction services for industrial clients, highlights the firm’s commitment to diversification and continuous innovation.

While announcing his retirement during the company’s 2023 Annual Shareholders meeting, Foster reflected on his career and offered words of encouragement, saying, “Think about what you can accomplish in the next 42 years. There is no limit except your imagination and work ethic.” His exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication, and forward-thinking approach will remain hallmarks of his career with Swinerton.

David Callis will lead the company forward as the next CEO, bringing a remarkable 30-year career in the construction industry, a wealth of experience, and a fresh perspective to the role. His appointment marks a significant milestone in Swinerton’s strategic plans. “David is the absolute perfect person to lead the firm. He is committed to our forward vision and growing our employee-ownership model,” expresses Foster. This endorsement underscores the seamless leadership transition and the shared dedication of both executives to the company’s continued growth and success.

Callis joined Swinerton Builders in 2001 as a Senior Project Manager in Orange County, CA, and has since held various key positions. Recognizing his leadership skills and contributions to the company’s success, he was elected Senior Vice President in 2017 and joined the Swinerton Incorporated Board of Directors. The following year, Callis became Executive Vice President and an integral part of the Executive Committee.

Over the last few years under Callis’ leadership, Swinerton has successfully developed and expanded its Public-Private Partnership capabilities, with a portfolio now exceeding $1 billion in projects, including the Salinas Police Station, County of Orange Civic Center, Quartz Library, and McKinney Airport Hangar.

As Swinerton’s new CEO, Callis will drive the company’s growth strategy, foster innovation, and deliver exceptional client results. His visionary leadership will undoubtedly propel Swinerton into the future, building upon its solid foundation and expanding its reputation as a trusted construction partner.