How a 132-year-old company innovates through a global pandemic

How a 132-year-old company innovates through a global pandemic

Effectively running a business legacy can be challenging, even in the best of times. How about a successful one of over 100 years old? In this unprecedented and rare in-depth interview Eric discusses the keys and attitude needed to run a successful business that is over a century old, and still innovating and adjusting in these unique times, to say the least.  Are you an entrepreneur out there who wants the most relevant insights on how to start and run your business successfully? This is a must listen episode.

Eric Foster, the Swinerton CEO who has been in the business for 38 years and Tom address a number of industry-related topic and have tons of golden insights, experiences information that they lay down in this episode that is a rare gem. The show provides an exclusive insight into the rarest of rare executives and one of the most successful building company, in America. Not to miss.


Eric Foster is the chief executive officer of the 132 year old Swinerton; a San Francisco based Construction Company. As Chief Executive Officer, Eric is responsible for the overall strategic direction and executive management of the company. Eric aligns Swinerton strategic vision within a continually evolving industry to maintain the highest standards of quality, integrity and innovation, while providing exceptional value to clients and employee shareholders.



    • Which mantra keeps you going on as a CEO of Swinerton? You have to be optimistic in this world and attitude is everything. That is something that keeps me going on. People should also have the right attitude for them to make it in this world.
    • How has optimism helped you especially in this time? In this time, you have to be optimistic and you have to go into this assuming we’ll find a cure or we’ll figure out a way to be successful and never let the pandemic get you down. Just stay positive, stay optimistic.
    • Optimism and positivity should be a culture in every organization. This keeps the organization going even when challenging times come because the staffs has a goal to achieve as an organization regardless.
    • 132 years old and still at the forefront of technology, why? You just have to constantly keep your eye on the horizon and think of ways to improve. You have to go with trends to succeed or else you go home. You just have to continually improve or you’ll get passed by; it’s a competitive world.
    • Dream big. This should always be in your mind and always go for great things in this life and never lose focus on your dreams.
    • Reason why you should be innovative in your company. Innovation is key to survival right now.
    • Skills and knowledge. For you to thrive as a business, you must have the right skills and the knowledge to run and scale up your business.
    • Importance of a checklist in a business. This is a very good formula that helps you to avoid or reduce failure because you keep the record of what you have done and what you have not done and got ticking out what you have done.
    • People or companies should always think of having partners in their businesses because as the saying goes, two heads are better than one.
    • Communication is key element in a business. You should always have the skills of communicating in the right way for you to succeed in life and in business.



    • “Optimism is true moral courage.”
    • “Improve or die.”
    • “Learn from the past and keep your eye on the ball and keep moving forward.”
    • “When you’re an owner of a business, act like an owner, think like an owner, and this creates the culture of caring.”
    • “Innovation is constant progress in small steps.”



    Tom Dioro is an award-winning writer, producer, and host of prolific branded and corporate podcasts.