Renewal Program Clinical Laboratory

Project Location
Palo Alto, CA

Stanford Healthcare

CAC Architects

Healthcare, Life Science

General Contracting, Preconstruction

Northern California

Swinerton Office Location
Sacramento, California

Multi-phased, Critical Facility, Existing Campus, Cytology Screen Room, Retrofit AHU, Occupied Building

The Renewal Program included a four-phase renovation of the Clinical Laboratory. These four phases took place under 21 operating rooms that are active 24/7 and 365 days a year. Before beginning construction, Swinerton performed preconstruction risk assessments and provided infection control barriers with negative air machines to completely seal off areas of the renovation from the rest of the hospital. In all four phases, two existing air handlers were rebuilt, including the installation of fan walls and the change out of chilled water coils to increase load capacity. Extensive disruption planning for the relocation of the existing MEP systems required the successful execution of the method of procedure scripts. This also involved shifting new and existing laboratory equipment, revising the layout of offices and meeting quarters, and remodeling existing restrooms to meet current ADA codes.

Phase 1 included demolition of existing offices to allow for the construction of new laboratory spaces including a cytology screen room, scope room, equipment storage, and a read-out room. Each lab space was equipped with new equipment and furniture.

Phase 2 was the largest phase and included rebuilding air handler unit #11 and demolishing the east side of the clinical lab. During construction, Swinerton brought medical gas and utility lines up to seismic code and coordinated daily with staff to avoid noise grievances to ensure patients were not impacted by the loud drilling.

Phase 3 included a remodel of eight office spaces. The work included upgrades to the staff locker room, conference rooms, staff lounge, and NPC upgrades to the fire sprinkler lines.

Phase 4 included rebuilding air handler #8, demo, and the construction of five new read-out rooms, four pathology offices, eight resident workstations, and new staff restrooms.