Swinerton and Timberlab Grow Mass Timber Supply Chain with Move into CLT and Glulam Manufacturing

Swinerton, initially through its subsidiary, Swinerton Builders, has been a pioneer in mass timber construction since 2014. It has continuously pushed industry boundaries through structural design, engineering, and material procurement advancements. In 2020, the firm’s dedication to sustainability and innovation led to the opening of its first mass timber fabrication facility in Portland, OR, and the formal launch of Timberlab in 2021. As mass timber construction continued to grow across the U.S. in 2023, Timberlab expanded its operations by opening an East Coast mass timber fabrication facility in Greenville, SC. In 2024, Swinerton and Timberlab announced its plans to build and operate a cross-laminated timber (CLT) manufacturing facility and the acquisition of two glue-laminated (Glulam) manufacturing facilities in Oregon. The progression into manufacturing aligns seamlessly with both firms’ strategic visions and missions.

To align with the visions and missions, Timberlab, Inc. underwent a reorganization, allowing for an expansion and creation of Timberlab Laminators, LLC., which will focus on manufacturing operations. Timberlab, Inc. will continue to provide in-house engineering, procurement, and installation services.  The mission of Timberlab is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber in the U.S. commercial construction market to benefit the planet and its people.