Swinerton Innovates with Hardy Tipper-1000 Buggy Dumper

Following Swinerton’s inaugural internal Innovation Competition, the Hardy Lift Tipper-1000 emerged as a winning solution and top choice for a safer, more reliable method to debris buggy dumping. The Swinerton construction innovations program focuses on changing business processes in order to drive substantial reductions in costs while increasing the quality and safety of the work we deliver.

The Tipper-1000 unit operates as a cantilever fulcrum mechanism with the ability to lift loads of 1,000 pounds in the air and into construction dumpsters. Utilizing casters, outriggers, and ratchet-like straps the Tipper-1000 can securely dump overhead loads while maintaining mobility around the jobsite during the various phases of construction. It mitigates the typical need for laborers and stocker-scrappers to climb into dumpsters, reducing the likelihood of debris buggy-related injuries.

Partnering with manufacturer and distributor Hardy Lean Solutions, innovation and self-perform team members at Swinerton are implementing this technology to its teams across the nation, beginning with 20 units. As Swinerton continues to grow its self-perform cleanup operations, this technology will evolve into a standard practice employed on every project.

“This unique equipment ensures safe, clean, and productive jobsites as well as demonstrates that Swinerton continues to innovate in all self-perform specialties,” said Jim Watson, Vice President & Division Manager of Self-Perform Services. “Swinerton provides our craft teams with the best tools and equipment. The standardization of this unit on a national scale represents a definitive step towards being a best-in-class contractor and partner for our clients.”