Swinerton Northern California Team attended the Ribbon Cutting of Dolores Huerta Middle School and Abram Agnew Elementary School.

Over the weekend the Swinerton Northern California Team attended the Ribbon Cutting of two new public schools set to open next week in north San Jose at a state-of-the-art joint campus: Dolores Huerta Middle School and Abram Agnew Elementary School.  Although located in San Jose, the schools are part of the Santa Clara Unified School District.

Celebrated labor organizer and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta, for whom one of the schools is named, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday.  In a Mercury News article it was reported that “Huerta praised the architectural successes of the new campus, remarking at one point, ‘I know what all of us are thinking: ‘I wish I could’ve gone to this school.”

Agnew Elementary’s founding principal Shehnaz Wadhwania added that “the campus’ inclusion of vast outdoor space was the product of the coronavirus pandemic, which she said embodied the need for “flexible learning spaces where learning is not restricted within the four walls of the classroom.” Read Mercury News Article.

As the Construction Manager  on this K-12 Education project, Swinerton is creating buildings that feature collaborative learning areas to support the educational and social needs of students at every age. Blended amenities and outdoor areas enable students to share facilities and connect with other age groups. Even though the schools are all located on one campus, each building is uniquely designed with different themes that focus on students’ growth and development as they progress from one school to the next.  Learn more about Swinerton’s role in the project. Read more about this project.

Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top education builders by ENR, Swinerton is committed to delivering innovation and quality while staying true to the unique values and core functions of each school and community. When working on a K-12 campus our philosophy is not that we are constructing a new or renovating an outdated facility, but we are building a better future for our children.

We understand that just as every student is unique, so is every school and District. At Swinerton, we take the utmost care to recognize and cater to those who will be working and learning in the schools we construct. The diversity in our educational building projects reflects the uniqueness of the schools and communities we have partnered with.