Building The Talent Pipeline

A dedication to people flows throughout our organization. With an interconnected system of recruitment, training, and culture, we support our exceptional teams with the resources to keep building our clients’ visions now, and for years to come.

The past two years have seen construction demand soar. To keep up, contractors find themselves needing more skilled and qualified workers, all while facing a significant worker shortage, according to a report earlier this year from the Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC)1  ABC’s data shows that construction firms will need to attract over 500,000 workers on top of the normal pace of hiring to meet the demand for labor. This worker shortage is occurring at both ends of the worker pipeline: greater numbers of experienced workers are reaching retirement age, while fewer younger workers are entering the industry.

But numbers are not the whole picture. Workers across the country crave opportunities to learn, be challenged, and have an impact through their work.2  Crucially, they want to feel like they belong—that they and the work they do matters.

Therefore, skills, experience, productivity, and quality are crucial for success in today’s workforce. To support the excellence of building projects and the people who deliver them, Swinerton ensures that individuals and teams across the company have the right knowledge, experience, and resources to draw from. As a company, we continue to invest in our workforce so that we attract, retain, and maintain skilled talent—for the long term.

The Value of People

Knowledgeable, Skilled Craftspeople: As industry demand increases, attracting and developing high-quality skilled craftspeople is essential. In addition to market-driven compensation, Swinerton makes tremendous efforts to be the employer of choice for trades workers through robust benefits and a compelling workplace culture. Through the advocacy and support of our Field Talent Partners, industry-leading technical education, and Craft Performance Awards, our craftspeople are empowered to do their best work and deliver the highest quality on each project.

Effective Field Leaders: Ensuring the next generation of high-quality superintendents are ready to take the helm requires a long-term strategy. Experience like theirs is built up over years, and drives project quality, productivity, schedule, and success. Opportunities from Swinerton’s leaders and mentors—many with craft experience themselves—keep younger superintendents and promising foremen informed and engaged, while providing support and guidance during challenges to help them reach their potential.

Strong and Cohesive Teams: Exceptional service consists of clear and transparent communication, a drive for effective problem-solving, and a mindset of true partnership. Our teams must be able to work together towards a  cohesive vision for the project, manage costs, resources, and trade partners effectively, and mitigate risk. At the individual level, Swinerton provides targeted professional development programs and promotes a strong, inclusive culture. At the team level, we leverage strengths profiles and team-building exercises that encourage cohesion and project success.

People-First Culture: Talented people are drawn to organizations where there is a clear sense of purpose, and where they know they can belong. An inclusive, welcoming culture makes for a workplace that unites the richness of our diverse employees with a united purpose. At Swinerton, “the way we do things” comes down to living the core values we hold, and upholding those values across all areas of the employee experience. From interns who learn the ropes in the field and in the office, to our talented professionals who build our projects and support our work, to our seasoned leaders who drive the company forward, Swinerton prioritizes people—our employee-owners, our partners, and our communities