Construction Inclusion

Construction Inclusion Week: Commitment and Accountability

Swinerton is proud to participate in this year’s Construction Inclusion Week (CIW). This week represents an industry-wide effort to build awareness of and improve diversity and inclusion within our industry, and as a 100% employee-owned company, each person at Swinerton has the privilege and responsibility of ensuring that each of our diverse and valuable employee-owners feels heard and respected in the workplace. This means we take proactive action to make a positive impact on each other and hold ourselves accountable for acting in the best interest of our fellow employee-owners.

Each day this week includes a different theme that we will utilize to engage our employee-owners, spark conversations, share resources, and invite people to take part in programs aimed at improving diversity, equity, and belonging in our trade.

To kick off this year’s campaign and today’s theme of commitment and accountability, I have recommitted to AGC’s CEO Culture of CARE pledge on behalf of Swinerton. The Culture of CARE is an ongoing campaign that promotes an inclusive workplace culture where each person feels welcomed, included, valued, and safe when they come to work. As part of the Culture of CARE, Swinerton pledges to the following principles:

Commit: To hire and pay based on skill and experience, regardless of ability, age, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Attract: Prospective employees, suppliers, and subcontractors by creating inclusive workplaces that are free from harassment, hazing, and bullying.

Retain: High-performing employees by identifying and removing barriers to advancement.

Empower: Every individual to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion.

This commitment to building a Culture of CARE at Swinerton does not end with Construction Inclusion Week. Each of us is accountable for fostering the inclusivity of the environments we create. In addition to the commitment our company has made, I invite all of you to make a personal commitment by signing the individual Culture of CARE pledge.


Eric Foster