Bright Horzions Mercer Island

Project Location
Mercer Island, WA

Bright Horizons Family Solutions


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Pacific Northwest

Swinerton Office Location
Seattle, Washington

Day Care Facility, Activity Center

Swinerton completed the tenant improvement of a 15,420-square-foot childcare facility for Bright Horizons at their Mercer Islands location in Washington. The facility can accommodate up to 204 children. Work included seismic upgrades, the addition of exterior windows, demolition of the non-structural mezzanine, and the construction of partitions, casework and finishes. The rooftop HVAC units and duct distribution were upgraded. Additional utilities including irrigation, sewer, electrical, and fire were also upgraded to serve the facility.  After the demolition of an asphalt parking lot was complete, a new 6,000-square-foot playground which includes new fencing, play surfaces, and playground equipment was constructed. The project was completed under budget and the savings were issued back to Bright Horizons at the end of the project.