Dignity Moves at Gough:

Project Location
San Francisco, CA

Dignity Moves


Affordable Housing

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Northern California

Swinerton Office Location
San Francisco, California

Interim Supportive Housing, Prefabricated Boss Cubez Cabins, Dining and Recreation Units

This project provides interim housing for the homeless in San Francisco. Residents are connected to supportive services to help them transition to a stable living environment. Dignity Moves, Swinerton, the City of San Francisco, and several organizations partnered to construct and prepare the prefabricated, tiny cabin community. Each of the 70, 64-square-foot cabins has a bed, heater, desk, window, and locking door. The prefabricated Boss Cubez cabins consist of wall panels, roof panels, floor joists, flooring material, and various small mechanical and electrical items implemented in each sleeping unit. This new community also has access to dining units, restrooms facilities, a clinic, and counseling services, all managed by the non-profit organization Urban Alchemy.