women construction hanging drywall

Swinerton’s Texas Locations Doing More Self-Perform Work like Drywall.

As a general contractor, Swinerton has the ability and expertise to self-perform trades including drywall, concrete, carpentry, demolition, and more.

Our teams consist of professional staff dedicated solely to the trade-specific services. As a result, our local drywall staff members have a high degree of expertise in all aspects of work performed by our own workforce. We have done numerous projects in the local area, forming established relationships with trusted suppliers and vendors. We also have a well-established base of craft workers in the local region, including highly trained union carpenters.

We strive to build an atmosphere of trust between us, owners, and subcontractors. Swinerton is open to utilizing other subcontractors for these trades and only chooses to self-perform if it is the right decision for the project and client. Prior to engaging subcontractors for budget pricing or firm proposals, Swinerton will discuss self-perform operations with the client to determine if that project has the prerequisites for success. Once the project team has decided that Swinerton will self-perform specific trade scopes, the procurement strategy is established.

Clear communication with the subcontracting community about the procurement strategy is paramount.

By taking responsibility for the performance of trades, we are significantly better fit to control our field operations. Our in-house trades set the tone on our projects for Safety, Quality Control and Production that result in higher-quality end products.

  • Safety: Our crews are trained and held to the same standards as our administrative staff to lead by example amongst the subcontracting communities. Each of our crew members is afforded the same “Stop-Work Authority” as any other Swinerton Builders employee to help prevent incidents.
  • Quality: Staff installing the work are in many cases employee owners and take pride and ownership in turning over best-in-class results. Our name is on it; we own it!
  • Schedule: With the majority of the work within our project schedules either dictated or affected by the Concrete and Metal Stud Framing and Drywall activities, our in-house crews can command the pace of play ensuring consistently efficient outcomes.
  • Cost Certainty: Rather than rely on pricing from subcontractors, our project teams have access to in-house estimators and procurement managers to deliver real-time updates for document revisions or value engineering solutions. Supported by the buying power of Swinerton Incorporated we obtain significant discounts for materials and equipment from our vendors and suppliers.
  • Career Development: Our long-standing history of success is backed by the quality of our people and their commitment to the company. Our craft population serves as a farm system for the next generation of top talent in project management and supervision.
  • Simplicity: Our field crews report to the same leadership team within Swinerton as our project administration teams thereby eliminating communication breakdowns or management oversight. Project budgets and final proposals, as well as field change orders, are reviewed in great detail with upper management before presenting to our clients.

We are always looking for strong talent in the self-performing trades.  In particular, we have open positions in our Austin location for journeyman drywall framers, drywall framer helpers, drywall general foreman and general foreman drywall.