A formula for attracting and retaining talent in construction today (podcast)

Finding skilled talent in the construction industry was hard pre-pandemic, it’s been hard during the pandemic and it will remain difficult post-pandemic, according to Lauren Nunnally, chief talent officer with Swinerton.

In this podcast, Nunnally shares her perspective on the connection between talent, culture and business success. “Companies win not because of what they do but how they do it. And how they do it is driven directly by their culture,” she said.

Listen to hear Nunnally discuss:

  • The 2021 outlook for talent and the workforce in the construction industry.
  • Hiring enough skilled labor to meet the future demand.
  • Recruiting lessons Swinerton learned during the last recession and mistakes they vowed never to make again.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to economic and workforce development in Atlanta.
  • Competing for talent in non-core operations (marketing, technology, HR, etc.).
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Diversity and inclusion in the construction industry and what the road ahead should look like.