swinerton Hawaii self perform team

Hawaii’s Self-Perform Division Shines at Kaanapali Beach Hotel

The near completion of the Beach Restaurant and Parking Garage at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel has shone light on Swinerton’s consistent influence and impact on Maui’s Kaanapali Coast. The completed project will be Swinerton’s fourth hotel on the Kaanapali Parkway within the last 10 years and has highlighted the expertise and resilience of our team that was faced with unpredictable elements in an ever-changing environment.

“Working in the sand for the Beach Restaurant made material transport and logistics very difficult, as excessive weight caused the machinery to get wedged,” says Sr. Project Engineer Ryan Mayeda.

The parking garage had its own set of challenges along the way as well. Logistics and coordination were immensely important. Not only did the team have to create a resolution to form the fourth level, but also had to find ways to pour while keeping portions of the parking structure open for guests and staff.  Being able to bring in key workers from Oahu who were familiar with the Swinerton culture and standards was key in maintaining schedule and quality, as well as setting an example for the newer workers on Maui. Swinerton’s Self-Perform Carpentry team, led by Kelley Kagawa, excelled in all important aspects of construction—cost, time, quality, and safety.

“Determination and grit have been the recurring theme at Kaanapali, and this project was no different,” says Project Engineer Ben Hardy. “The Beach Restaurant project is one of the closest structures built next to the ocean in the past 50 years in Maui. You will be able to see whales breaching from the dining room area during January-April months.”

The Swinerton Hawaii team has not only created a stunning new Beach Restaurant for the Kaanapali Beach Hotel but has done so by establishing a lasting relationship with the owners, hotel employees, and hotel guests. The Self-Perform team created a safe and friendly work environment for everyone involved, but most importantly crafted an experience for guests that will be shared for years to come.