Long Beach Airport Adds Permanent Checked Baggage Inspection System and Improves Ticketing Building

Long Beach Airport has recently completed a major renovation project that includes the installation of a permanent checked baggage inspection system and upgrades to the ticketing building. The project was managed by Jose Acosta, the project executive for Swinerton Builders..

The new checked baggage inspection system replaces the temporary system that was installed in 2019 and is expected to improve efficiency and safety for passengers. The system utilizes advanced technology that can detect threats and provide real-time feedback to the TSA officers monitoring the screening process. The new system is also designed to be more reliable and require less maintenance than the previous system.

The renovation project also included significant upgrades to the ticketing building. The improvements included a new canopy to protect passengers from the elements, new LED lighting to improve visibility, and upgrades to the electrical and plumbing systems. The upgrades were designed to improve the overall passenger experience and create a more welcoming environment for travelers.

Jose Acosta, the project executive for Swinerton Builders, played a key role in managing the project from start to finish. Acosta has extensive experience in managing complex construction projects, including several high-profile aviation projects. His expertise in aviation construction was crucial to the success of the Long Beach Airport project.

The Long Beach Airport renovation project is just one example of the many successful aviation projects that Swinerton Builders has completed over the years. The project is a testament to the expertise and commitment of Swinerton Builders and its aviation team, and it demonstrates the company’s ability to manage complex aviation projects and deliver results that meet the needs of its clients.