Meet the Leaders of Timberlab, Experts in Full-Service Mass Timber Project Delivery

In this episode of the Modern Built Environment, we meet the leaders of Timberlab: Christopher Evans, President, Erica Spirtos, Preconstruction Manager,  and Sam Dicke, Business Development Manager.  A Swinerton Incorporated company, Timberlab expands on the product and service offerings of Swinerton Mass Timber under this new brand, while retaining and reinforcing their roots in general contracting. Transitioning the brand from Swinerton Mass Timber to Timberlab keeps true to their vision to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction. Timberlab has mastery over timber engineering practices, timber fabrication, the mass timber supply chain and installation. Timberlab provides design-build timber structures, fully coordinated mass timber supply packages, and mass timber product development to the market.