County of Orange Civic Center – County Administration South

Project Location
Santa Ana, CA

County of Orange / Griffin Structures Inc.


Regional Project of the Year
Sustainable Design

Civic, Office

General Contracting, Preconstruction, Self-Perform

Southern California

Swinerton Office Location
Los Angeles, California, Santa Ana, California

Six-Story Office Building, Parking Structure, Sustainable Features, Award-Winning, P3

The new six-story building features 250,000 square feet of office space. Built with an extensive glass façade, the building is infused with natural daylight and provides views for all occupants. Enclosed offices are centralized within the core of the building, with workstations located along the building perimeter to improve flexibility. The building also includes a 240-person conference and event center for both County agencies and the public. The building sits atop a two-story, 150,000-square-foot underground parking structure with 350 stalls. Achieving LEED Silver, the building performs 70% better than a typical office building in the country.

The building was the first phase of the overall Civic Center Facilities Strategic Plan Implementation. It houses the Orange County Service Center, a one-stop counter for County residents to engage with all 13 County departments. The space plan reorganizes and unifies departments and teams into functional ‘neighborhoods’ in a highly efficient and streamlined layout. As a result, it immediately reshapes how the County can best service its citizens and will cut the County’s operating costs for decades to come.