FedEx Express Structural Retrofit

Project Location
Marina Del Rey, CA


XA Architecture


Concrete, General Contracting, Self-Perform

Southern California

Swinerton Office Location
Los Angeles, California

Industrial-Distribution Center, Industrial-Warehouse, Seismic Upgrade, Integrated Project Delivery, Self-Perform

The FedEx Sort Facility SMOA in Marina Del Rey is housed in a large concrete tilt-up structure with a wood trussed barrel roof on a portion of the building and a newer steel framed roof on another section. The building was built in 1958 and the wood truss roof had suffered structural weakening primarily due to natural forces. Potential loading from equipment upgrades and roof work may be a contributing factor as well.

This was a very unique project for Swinerton’s self-performing concrete team. All of the existing column foundations were structurally retrofitted. Drill and epoxy dowels were tied into the existing foundations and new grade beams were excavated and placed with the upgraded existing foundations. Challenges included keeping the facility operational during construction. Work started when all the delivery trucks left the facility with their deliveries and promptly shut down when they returned. Trench plates were used to protect all open foundations.

The purpose of this project was to design, engineer, and strengthen the trusses with a combination of new connectors and framing members. The facility includes an office area of approximately 8,800 square feet and the sort facility of approximately 66,400 square feet. The office area has a suspended T-bar ceiling and in the sort facility package conveyor equipment, container roller decks, and vans operate below the trusses with the chord. The building also houses a vehicle repair shop.