Monmouth City Hall

Project Location
Portland, OR

City of Monmouth

FFA Architecture + Interiors

Civic, Mass Timber

General Contracting, Preconstruction

Pacific Northwest

Swinerton Office Location
Portland, Oregon

Demolition, public building, mass timber

Swinerton is providing general contracting services for the construction of a new 15,200-square foot building designed to replace the current two-story building where the city services finance, building, community development, and administration departments are located. The project scope includes the demolition of the existing City Hall and Volunteer Hall on an approximately 1.1 acre site. The program of the building includes the two basic components of the two-story city hall building connected to the one-story municipal court/city council chamber. A public plaza is envisioned at the front of the new building.

Project phases include final design phase to complete construction documents for bid, construction bid moving 13 employees to temporary work locations at other city offices, demolition of City Hall and Volunteer Hall, permitting and construction of the new City Hall on the site, through building occupancy. Construction will incorporate cross-laminated timber structural elements and includes site work to fill and grade the existing site and tie in to existing utilities and city streets.