Subcontractor Prequalification

Any subcontractor working for Swinerton, or interested in working for Swinerton, must be prequalified in order to be awarded a contract. Please click the link down below to access our online application. But before you do, please note the following:

Have the following documents ready for electronic upload with your submission. Your financial documents are sent to a confidential document storage folder which can only be viewed by our financial reviewer. When you reach the document upload page, enter a name/description for each document or it will not upload correctly (click on the hyperlinks below to see example documents) :

1. Current Financial Statement: Income Statement plus Balance Sheet for your most recently completed fiscal year, full 12 months (e.g., Dec 31, March 31, June 30) – If you are a new business, and have less than 12 months of financial data, contact with this information. We will work with you and our project team to determine the best course of action.
2. Letter of Bondability/Bonding Capacity—not the actual bond
3. Certificate of Insurance
4. OSHA Forms 300 & 300A, last 3 years (only last year for existing subcontractors); if you are exempt from OSHA recordkeeping, provide a statement with the reason for your exemption as your upload. **If no injuries indicated on 300A, please include 300 regardless.**
5. 3-year EMR history—provide verifying document or request from your insurer
IMPORTANT: If EMR is 1.25 or greater, include Letter of Explanation and Safety Program/Procedures/Policy improvements
6. Certifications (MBE, DBE, etc.)
7. Line of Credit Letter from your bank or financial institution
8. Form W-9

* New York City Subcontractors *
9. Health & Wellness Benefits Summary
10. Safety Program Manual
11. New York City Specific Insurance Requirements including General Liability and Excess policy documents, per requirements shown in the sample work order exhibit.

– First step: NO DASHES in your FEIN or Tax ID.
 NAME and ADDRESS should be entered in ALL CAPS.
 Enter best contact email address to receive auto-notifications regarding renewals and status of your file.
 Contact address is the address where payments should be mailed.
– You must complete the first page and then any page thereafter before you can Save Draft. You cannot Save Draft in the middle of a page. All fields with a little arrowhead/triangle are required.
– You can add Unions and Certifying Agencies if you do not see them on the drop-down list. The system will ask if you want to “Add to the List” – Click Yes.
We do not use D&B or Paydex Number – Click No.

Please email for a unique link and password to update and submit your renewal prequalification. Not sure whether you are in the system? Email us and we will look it up for you.

To prequalify with Swinerton, complete the online application.

WARNING: If you are a new business, and have less than 12 months of financial data, contact with this information. We will work with you and our project team to determine the best course of action.

Enter your Tax ID/FEIN with NO DASH – next prompt, CREATE a password for the first time; message appears to require a password you must request, but it is the moment for you to CREATE one.

Need assistance with the questionnaire or experiencing problems with the system (error messages, cannot advance to next page or field, or losing information)? Take a screen shot of the problem if possible, and email with your issue. We will work with you to resolve it as soon as possible.

If you receive an error message or are unable to proceed, close all Internet browsers (or start New Session from Internet Explorer File Menu), re-open, and log back in. This usually does the trick.
Adding a row on any screen may trigger a glitch. Delete row (the “X”) and Add fresh row. This usually does the trick. If not, try tip above. If continue to experience technical issues, call or email us.

Minimum Requirements to Run CMiC:

  • Google Chrome, Edge or Firefox
  • Add as a “Trusted Site” in your preferred browsers.
  • An active email address