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Swinerton Adds Dusty Robotics Construction Robot to Projects

Swinerton will soon be deploying Dusty Robotics on several upcoming projects in OCLA. This construction robot provides layout automation, transferring CAD files to construction sites, which are then carefully coordinated by Swinerton’s VD&C team during the BIM coordination process and derived right out of the model.

VD&C and self-perform drywall partnered with Dusty Robotics in January 2020 and successfully tested Dusty side-by-side with QML and traditional layouts. Their newest technology has the ability to print 10 times faster than traditional layout methods while maintaining a 1/16” accuracy by pairing with a Total Station. In order for layout to be successful, every line that will be printed needs to be verified.

SoCal and NorCal VD&C groups have teamed up to produce these CAD files for layout. In producing these CAD files, every wall type, thickness, and finish needs to be verified and associated with a verified architectural dimension from a gridline. In addition, safety is always our number one priority so there are additional elements to place in the CAD file to essentially keep the robot away from shaft openings or slab edges.

The robot has the ability to print a few different colors and line types. In order to optimize the use of Dusty, we will also be laying out soffit edges, door tags, and locations where a horizontal penetration requires a header. This way the field will know where they can stand full studs and where they can’t.

Swinerton looks forward to employing this cutting-edge construction technology to provide yet another service to our clients, design teams, and trade partners.  Learn more about other construction technology Swinerton is utilizing.