Ray Haj and Lauren Nunnally join Swinerton’s Executive Committee as Executive Vice Presidents.

Swinerton proudly announces the promotion of Chief Operations Officer (COO) Ray Haj and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Lauren Nunnally as Executive Vice Presidents (EVP). With their appointments, Haj and Nunnally join the Swinerton Executive Committee.

Haj, Swinerton’s recently appointed Chief Operations Officer, brings over 23 years of experience in the construction industry, with nearly 30 years dedicated to Swinerton. His vision as COO/EVP focuses on employee development, succession planning, inclusivity, transparency, and market diversification – in line with Swinerton’s long-term business vision known as the “March to 2030.”

“I am extremely honored and excited to continue our March to 2030, aligning our regional and nationwide visions, talent development, best-in-class execution, and market diversification to maximize returns to our employees,” says Haj.

Nunnally has been an integral part of Swinerton since 2005 and has ascended through various roles, showcasing exceptional leadership and dedication. Her passion for leveraging Swinerton’s talent to drive strategic objectives and create a positive employee experience has been a cornerstone of her contributions. Her journey includes reshaping the Business Technology (BTech) group and building Craft Services to enhance self-perform operations, which led to her promotion to Chief Administrative Officer in 2022.

Reflecting on her new role, Nunnally expresses her gratitude: “I’m humbled and energized by our talent in all areas and levels. The possibilities for this organization are unlimited, and I’m committed to supporting us in realizing our potential.”

Haj and Nunnally join existing Executive Committee members David Callis, Chief Executive Officer; Don Adair, Chief Revenue Officer; Brad Peterson, Chief Financial Officer; and Scott Conrad, Director of Self-Perform Operations.