With Buildings On The Line, Owners Look To Contractors For Peace Of Mind

Watching a building rise up from its foundations can be a stressful process for the owner even in the best of times. In 2020, the construction process has become even more fraught as developers have had to reconfigure plans and make preparations to open in the midst or aftermath of a pandemic.

To deal with uncertainty through the development process, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, owners have been relying on their contractors to adjust to ever-changing requirements, make their projects more efficient and provide a degree of calm and consistency. Some of the nation’s largest and most established construction companies are seeing clients place value not just on their ability to deliver the project, but also on their ability to withstand and assist them throughout the current crisis.

“When a business is under stress, the need for certainty is heightened,” said Don Adair, executive vice president at Swinerton, a general contractor founded in 1888 that ranks among the 20 largest construction firms in the U.S. “Owners are now looking for a business partner with expertise, financial stability and one that’s going to see the obstacles and challenges from their perspective.”