Roof for PDX Terminal

Wood Wizardry in Oregon: Innovation Raises the Roof for PDX Terminal

Swinerton, a renowned leader in construction and mass timber expertise, played a pivotal role in the innovative transformation of Portland International Airport’s Terminal Core (TCORE). Collaborating closely with key stakeholders such as the Port of Portland, Skanska, and Hoffman Construction, Swinerton contributed its extensive knowledge and capabilities to ensure the success of this groundbreaking project.

Central to Swinerton’s involvement was its subsidiary, Timberlab, specializing in mass timber construction. Leveraging its expertise, Timberlab facilitated the fabrication of intricate timber components essential to the project’s architectural vision. Working hand in hand with local firms like Zip-O and Freres Lumber, Timberlab meticulously crafted glulam beams and mass plywood panels, pushing the boundaries of traditional timber construction.

Moreover, Swinerton’s commitment to sustainability aligned seamlessly with the project’s ethos, emphasizing the full-scale sourcing of timber from the Pacific Northwest region. By prioritizing local suppliers and sustainable practices, Swinerton and its partners minimized the project’s environmental impact while championing regional economic development.

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