Apprentice Carpenter Drywall Los Angeles, CA on rooftop

A Perspective From The Field

By:  David A. Boston Jr., Apprentice Carpenter – OCLA Drywall

On Our Culture

Swinerton always creates a welcoming and open experience for new hires, subcontractors, and visitors from near and far. Getting acclimated and up to speed with what this company offers and brings to the table is not always about productivity or deadlines, but also about creating a family through every project. “Your Family Needs You” not only speaks to the ones we cherish and love at home, but also to the family we make on the job and those tightly knit connections we make with new and friendly faces.


On Collaboration

As the saying goes, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Providing our clients with vision and helping make their dream a reality is what Swinerton strives to do. When working alongside my colleagues and management, there has never been any doubt that we are all in this together. We build off each other’s greatest assets and strengths to provide the best end-result for our clients. From framing soffits, ceilings, shafts, and walls to installing drywall and firestopping, we maintain professionalism and excellence in our collective work. I gained a best friend at the start of my career here and have created many great friendships along the way. This great big team is more of a family to me. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best of our abilities and exceeding their expectations. Making sure our colleagues and different divisions work together always will be one of the core values that keeps us successful.


On Opportunity

Being a 100% employee-owned company not only raises our level of excellence, but also pushes us to succeed and perform at a much higher level. There is no glass ceiling here at Swinerton – as much as you would like to grow and become a greater part of the bigger picture, there will always be an opportunity to do so. We are all on the same playing field, raising the bar for one another. As we progress and the stakes get higher, the discomfort we might feel only gives us more substance to become greater leaders. In the tough times, true grit and a mindset of determination will break down barriers and help us discover new accomplishments along the way. Whether you’re a stocker-scrapper, laborer, carpenter, electrician, etc., seeing the end goal met is great, but the road to success is not always easy. It’s the path we take to get there that brings us power. Believing truly is achieving and Swinerton is there to give you the best tools for success and support you in whichever path you choose. Many know that knowledge is power. Whether you choose to take additional courses, sign up for trainings, or continue to learn through years of experience on the job, surrounding yourself with others who have vast amounts of experience in the field is where wisdom and knowledge intertwine to help us achieve excellence. we are surrounded with an abundance of experience and wisdom here at Swinerton. If you capitalize on the experience around you, the support provided to you, and focus on a direction or a goal for yourself, you can achieve whatever your heart desires at Swinerton.


On the Future

We never know what the future may hold but setting our sights high will always generate the greatest outcome. From the beginning of my time here at Swinerton, I immediately knew there was something more I wanted and could pursue here at a place I am proud to call home. Through hard work and determination, I can truly see myself one day becoming a Project Manager and then developing into a Division Manager. Swinerton has the knowledge, integrity, and pride to lead the future in construction, and I would like to be a part of that for years to come.