Denver’s Skyline Continues to Evolve as Block 162 Reaches New Heights

Block 162 celebrated its topping off milestone this week in Denver, CO.  Developed by Patrinely Group and USAA Real Estate and designed by Gensler, the new Block 162 tower in Denver will offer 30 stories of Class A office space, exclusive tenant amenities, and structured parking.

With a COVID-19 protocol that included daily health surveys and temperature checks for all workers, Swinerton was able to keep construction on track for this project.

“It’s exciting to see our progress on Block 162 change the Denver skyline, one level at a time,” said Swinerton Operations Manager John Spight. “We are moving forward with this impressive design, and when complete, these amenities and finishes will be invaluable to future tenants.”

“The one supply hang-up the developer had to navigate came when an Italian stone fabricator doing work for the project temporarily shut down when that country was ravaged by the virus.” David Haltom, the Denver-based vice president with development firm the Patrinely Group told The Denver Post last week.  [Read full article]

Stone and masonry play a large part of Block 162’s façade, with the stone featured on the exterior and interior of Block 162 requiring diligent selection. Ultimately, the team decided on three primary stones to be featured at Block 162 – including travertine quarried by Travertini Paradiso in Tuscany – which will be mounted across the large, three-story backdrop of the lobby walls as well as Block 162’s elevator cab interiors.

Along with the travertine, Statuario Altissimo marble will cover the entirety of the lobby floors. This elegant white Italian marble was sourced from Henraux’s proprietary quarry near Forte dei Marmi on the Italian coast.

The team also selected Jet Mist Granite, an American stone, which will encompass a large portion of the lower levels of Block 162’s exterior and make an appearance in the lobby as the back wall transitions to the travertine. Upon completion, this lobby will surely stop people in their tracks as they take in the carefully considered and crafted design, finishes, and fixtures.

In addition to the compelling lobby and materials, this office building will feature intricate custom art installations, a tenant-exclusive indoor/outdoor amenity deck on level 11, and a best-in-class destination dispatch elevator system. In the meantime, the Block 162 team is full steam ahead as we work towards completing this skyline-changing and soon-to-be iconic tower in downtown Denver by year’s end.

The developers behind this project and others in the Denver area that were underway before the virus hit believe there will still be demand for the office space. Their buildings are on schedule or close to it, according to the Denver Post article, and they believe the city may become an even more attractive place as people reconsider living in dense, coastal cities such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco during and after the pandemic.