Intern Spotlight: Ayanni King

Q:  How did you hear/ get involved with City Works/ Young Community Developers?

A: I was introduced to the City Works program through my Aunt, Michelle Peters, who works at the Public Utilities Commission for the communications department. She sent me an application for a summer job that I would be interested in San Francisco – to learn about the city in which we live to get an understanding of the community in order to be able to improve it. She knows that I am an environmental activist so she believed that it was good for me to get the experience. I sent in my application and interviewed by four employees from City Works; it was an awesome interview. They asked me about my aspirations, my personal goals, goals for the community, and the different fields that I wanted to work in.

Q:  What about your summer intern experience inspired you to switch your major to Project Management?

A: My experience as an intern at Swinerton and at the City Works program persuaded me to change my major to Project Management because of the experience and the exposure that I got to construction. I learned a lot about construction that I never knew before. A field that I never thought I would even enjoy, but after being around the employees and being in the field it felt like a family. It made me feel that while working in construction, I will continue to learn something new every day and it will challenge my ability and my thinking of the work that I do. After shadowing Project Engineers at Swinerton, it really convinced me to switch my major. I admire the work that they do and it seems very interesting to me to want to pursue the same career. Being able to see the work transform into something great is a great process that I enjoyed experiencing. Watching a building from when it’s in pre-construction to seeing the finished product really amazes me.

Q:  What department or projects did you work for or visit as an intern with Swinerton?

A: The projects that I visited and had a chance to walk were Fireboat Station 35, La Fenix at 1950 MissionPresidio Tunnel Tops, and 415 Natoma. My favorite sites were the Fireboat Station and la Fenix. I found the Fireboat Station interesting because they are building a fire station on water. It was the first time that I was able to understand the drawings and follow them inside the building. I also liked la Fenix because I first visited in 2019 when they were laying concrete on the second floor. When I returned in 2020,o I got to basically seethe finished product. It was cool to see how far they got within a year.

Q: What did you like best about your time as an intern?

A: What I liked best about being an intern was the acceptance and warm welcome of the team. Everyone made me feel like I’ve been working at the office for years. I like the family dynamic that Swinerton brings. I mainly enjoyed walking the sites and seeing new projects. I believe that by my experience I will enjoy my career in project management because of the exposure that I have had.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most for next year?

A: I am looking forward to getting back in the office and learning new things.  I want my mind to continue to expand with new ideas and teaching about construction. I didn’t believe that I would switch my major and want to go into construction, but the longer I was in the office getting experience the more I enjoyed it. I believe that I will continue to follow the road to construction and build a career out of it. It’s something I believe I will do for a long time.