Swinerton Adds Service for Property, Facility Managers

Swinerton’s Colorado division has expanded its professional services beyond typical construction manager/general contractor offerings to include a specialized program aimed at the unique needs of property and facility managers. A dedicated team focuses on smaller projects that require more expertise than what property managers typically have on staff, if at all.

“The aim is to make it easy for our clients to call a reliable team to take care of complex projects beyond the skillset of facilities staff – and to do it in a timely manner,” said Josh Leen, Swinerton’s Director of Special Projects.

“Through a OneCall concept, Swinerton personnel complete the work or coordinate the effort of a subcontractor,” said Mark Norin, Swinerton Assistant Project Manager.

“Many times, our clients have a small need, like hanging a marker board or fixing a door lock, that either their staff doesn’t have the time or expertise, and they don’t know who to call,” Norin said. “Swinerton addresses these needs so that our clients return to a productive workplace. It’s comparable to the services we provide on larger projects, just scaled down to meet the small project needs our clients face.”

Learn more about the Swinerton team in Denver here.